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Recently on Exhibition at the Peachland Art Gallery.
September 9th - October 9th, 2023

Featuring sculpture and wall art by 10 local artists in a beautiful gallery setting.

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Established in 2003

What We Do

Public Awareness &
Appreciation of Sculpture

We organize sculpture symposiums, art shows and displays within the community, to help give our members exposure to their works and to bring the appreciation of sculpture art to the general public.

Workshops &

We host workshops and bring in guest speakers  and demonstrators to learn more about art and sculpture. Occasionally we open these events up to the general public as well. 

Shows in Galleries &
Public Venues

We coordinate shows with local galleries (and some international shows too) featuring interesting sculpture and art for viewing and purchase.

Our next show is scheduled for the Peachland Art Gallery, September 9th - October 9th, 2023.

Building A Community
of Sculptors & Collectors

We bring like-minded art-loving communities together and appreciate the views of collectors as much as we do artists themselves.  Always welcoming new members to the club.

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