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Angel Calderer

Angel Calderer

Sculptor, Medalist and Jewellery Maker

Angel was born in the charming city of Barcelona.

At a very young age, he joined the prestigious  Massana School of Arts where he became interested
in metal-work and attended a gold-smithing session which fit quite well with his curiosity.


Upon moving to Germany in the mid-50’s he kept pursuing his love for the Arts in Munich and Berlin.
Emigrating to Canada in 1964 he joined art courses  in the" Ecole des Beaux Arts" in Montreal and the Ontario School of Art  later, where he learned print making.

For Angel, ART is a passion and an all-involving process for the construction of the visual and imaginary world, emphasizing the use of different media & materials used to contribute to the “Personality” of the finished project.

Angel arrived in Kelowna in 2016, enjoying the beauty and creativity and inspiration offered by the Okanagan landscape and life.

My Story

Angel was born in Barcelona Spain, the beautiful capital of Catalonia, Spain. From a young age he developed as special love for the Arts and he likes to say that “ His birthplace and the radiant Mediterranean light had a lot to do with it”.


As a teenager he joined the prestigious Massana Art School,  where he was introduced to almost every art form. Getting interested in the goldsmith section of the school, seemed to fit well with his curiosity.  A formal apprenticeship  was entered into with the Goldsmith Studio attached to the Art School. In 1957 he moved to Germany in order to improve his skills and to garner new ones in the field of precious metals.  He pursued this as well as attending Art Courses in Berlin and Munich.


Looking to brighter horizons Angel moved to Canada, first to Montreal and later to Toronto. Where he worked as a goldsmith. He always kept in touch with the Art world studying further at L’Ecole de Beaux Art in Montreal and the Ontario College of Art where he studied printmaking   


Angel moved to Vancouver in 1976 operating his own goldsmith studio and perfecting his sculpture skills. Since 2015 he has made the Okanagan his home. He has been a member of KSNS for the past four years. He recently started to make medals. 

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