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Nino Fabbro

Nino Fabbro

Medallist, Sculptor, Artist and Painter

Nino started wood carving in 1989, after teaching for a number of years and takings number of carving courses I started carving cottonwood. Then started carving birds and fish, airbrushing was next. After many successful wins In competition I decided to sculpture in Stone. Jade, Rodonite  and soapstone are my go to stone types. 
Please ask if you have any questions, thank you.

My Story

From doing leather saddles, being a taxidermist, to teaching woodwork, Nino Fabbro seems to have done it all.  That he understands the anatomy of birds and fish is no question either, yet, he feels there is always something left to learn, one of the main reasons he loves carving wildlife.


He has been carving for around 16 years now and has won many competitions.  His inspiration comes from watching birds do their stuff in the backyard.  He started in stone sculpture in 2010 and has completed many projects in various stones.

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