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Elma Neufeld

Elma Neufeld

Sculptor, Medalist and Paper Sculpting

Elma is a unique sculptor who uses paper as her medium.  Elma's collages are infused with what the artist describes as 

"meditative impressions between the soul and spirit." 


I believe that whatever I create expresses my life experiences - of who I am and of what I have encountered. Each exploration, each decision, adds another layer and another line to my artistic exposition. 


The stronger, earthy lines and textures in my work represent reality - like the earth underfoot - while the rhythmic lines of the torn edges symbolize the ethereal aspects of the soul, reborn into my collage.

My Story

Welcome! A defining quality of Elma Eidse Neufeld's body of work is the layering up of media with memories, which results in the creation of visual allegories. Handmade and other specialty papers are torn and applied in layers to blanket the surface, with ink and paint worked in to create strong, atmospheric effects. 

The artist draws upon both her low-relief (more painterly) and high relief (more sculptural) applications of her unique Torn-Edge* style of collage, depending on how the subject speaks to her. Both consistently hold emotional depth, expressive line, satisfying texture and mature use of colour.

Elma's extensive exhibition CV indicates this well-established mixed media collage style, including awards by the Federation of Canadian Artists and recognition as a Canadian mixed media collage artist by the National Gallery of Canada.

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